Dorm Rooms & Dean's Lists

Welcome, adventurers! Dorm Rooms & Dean's Lists is a tabletop RPG series run as a part of Geek Week 2021. The session is built on Dungeons & Dragons 5e rules and features a plucky band of adventurers handling the everyday ups and downs of life on ye olde fantasy college campus. This page has more information about the 2021 adventure as well as documents like character sheets, maps, and other assets for any aspiring RPG players out there who want to follow along or play their own session. 

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Kings Service UniversityOur quest takes place at King’s Service University located in the city of Barbiesaw in the kingdom of Kourn. King’s Service University, or KSU, is a place where promising young adventurers are recruited to come to study and hone their skills before heading off into the world (or adventure grad school) as a member of the King’s Service: skilled adventurers assigned to serve the various lord’s and magistrates in the kingdom. While at KSU, students take coursework emanating from one of the 5 colleges on campus: combat, faith, arts, arcane, and nature. Each college is geared toward a specific type of skills, and students may take their classes from one or more colleges depending on their major or minor (for instance, a wizard might spend four years in the college of the arcane, where a paladin might take classes in both combat and faith). Each of these 5 colleges is staffed with faculty and headed by a dean. Outside of classroom activities, there are a host of amenities and activities for students such as athletics (go owlbears!), clubs and organizations (such as campus ministry), residence life, and a dining hall (known for their fried cockatrice Thursdays). The overall institution is run by the Arch-Dean, Alampe Newtith, an old and respected wizard and former graduate who has been serving for many, many years. Our players are all students at KSU and studying to be new adventurers.

Character Sheets

Session Materials

DM's guide for running the 2021 one shot adventure (WARNING** contains spoilers)

Maps and tokens from the 2021 session